Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone ! I hope you get lots of sweets and hugs on this special day.

But, if you don’t, here’s some love from me (((major hugs)))



Happy St. Nicholas Day

For the history of Saint Nicholas and his deeds look here :


Share a meal with someone, buy a person in need some hot soup or comforting treat, appreciate what you have and give to others.

Helping someone else, no matter what day it is, is the greatest thing you can do. If you want to improve the world, start where you are.


Larva Island on Netflix

I may be late to the party but I’ve just discovered a Netflix Original animated show, “Larva Island.” I won’t even try to explain it, just watch if you can…. And do it when you’re not drinking milk or you’ll blow it out your nose 🤣

Larva Island on Netflix

Coleus Poisonous to Cats

Whew ! I brought my “Kong” coleus into the house to overwinter. My cat was immediately drawn to it but I’d forgotten to check if it was poisonous first. We had to get the plant out of the house immediately. Here’s the deets :

WHAT IS COLEUS POISONING? The coleus plant can be poisonous to your cat, even if it simply brushes up against the leaves or flowers. Coleus contains an essential oil toxic to cats and dogs, which can cause skin irritations and burns if not diagnosed and treated right away.

Additionally, if your cat eats any part of this plant, it will also develop gastrointestinal symptoms. The poisonous oils from this plant can also cause respiratory depression or slowed breathing, which can be potentially fatal to your pet. 


The essential oils in a coleus plant are quickly absorbed into your cat’s system, allowing it to become very sick very quickly: Loss of appetite or anorexia Vomiting (may be bloody) Diarrhea (may also be bloody) Drooling, Pawing at the skin of the face and mouth.

Skin redness is visible underneath cat’s fur. Burns on facial skin, tongue and gums. Depression, Cat is physically weak, Body tremors, Cat walks with difficulty, Lethargy and physical weakness, Hypothermia (low body temperature) after ingestion of a large amount of coleus) Breathing difficulty.

Types : “Coleus” is an umbrella name for several plant varieties, including:

Spanish thyme

Country borage

Bread and butter plant

Stinging thyme

Indian borage

East Indian thyme

All of these varieties can be poisonous for your cat, so be zealous in making it difficult for your pet to get access to them. With some cats, this may not be possible.

Read more at: https://wagwalking.com/cat/condition/coleus-poisoning

Where did all that fried chicken come from ?

I’m posting this because it’s a really good look behind the food industry. It’s odd, but the only time I ate more meat was when I toured and lived in the UK. That’s because the cost of fresh vegetables was so high, in the 80’s a head of broccoli cost $4.95 in Glasgow.

At one point, I put out the request for my concert tour that, if possible, I’d prefer vegetarian food when I was a guest at someone’s home. The violinist I performed with did not make this request.

After a show one night we were welcomed by a lovely family in northern England who had spent a lot of time and effort on an evening meal for us. The head of the household was, you guessed it, a butcher !

My lady companion had steak and loads of other meaty treats to choose from. My meal, because the family had no idea what to do, was a bowl of carrots with butter, homemade bread and a ton of pastries.

Finding out what fresh vegetables cost I could easily understand why these lovely people were limited in what to serve me.

Eventually, after coming down with the start of MS I went back to eating meat when I lived in England and Scotland and I felt much better for it. In those cold, damp climates there were nutrients I just wasn’t getting from a veggie and grain diet including not getting enough protein.

I’d seen videos like the one here from the BBC since the 60’s so I was well aware of how the food industry worked on a massive scale. But, when your budget is limited as well as your protein sources, you eat what you can afford.

It poses a tough quandary for a lot of people, for others with no options due to low income…. it is what it is.


Inspiration Starts Here

I really enjoy bead weaving. My love for this art form started when my grandparents bought a traditional, Native American bead loom. These are very simple looms and you can easily make your own out of almost anything, even a piece of cardboard.

If you do an image search on the ‘net you’ll see tons of incredible pieces. The creativity that can be done with beautiful seed beads never ceases to amaze me.

I built my own long loom but you can buy one from http://www.crazycrow.com look for their “adjustible bead loom”. (Beadwork shown here is from CrazyCrow)

I design my pieces using colors from nature and patterns I’ve developed myself. I once did a whole series based on snake skins and poison dart frogs.

This is my “Wolf Moon” necklace woven with seed beads.

I have not been inspired for a long time but today I saw this BBC photo and my weaving spirit woke up ! The colors this male Mandarin Duck displays are so rich that I’ve just got to make a weaving with them. This is what inspires me and where I find my color pallets for beadwork and tapestries.

Male Mandarin Duck

What inspires your creative soul ?

My Amazon Movie Choices For November

Here’s My November Watch List On Amazon Prime (in no particular order) :


Why ? Peter O’Toole paired with Richard Burton make for some of the finest acting ever captured in film, and you might just learn some history too.


Learn a bit of real science. You’ll have to use some brain cells to grasp some of the concepts but I have faith in you. After you’ve digested what you’ve just learned you can apply that knowledge to this next film choice…


Why ? Peter Weller as our hero, John Lithgow as one heck of a wacked out space alien.


Why ? Great cast (like Steve Martin as a biker dentist), great songs and the giant, people eating plant.


Why ? You don’t need a reason to watch this movie over and over. It’s so funny on so many levels and, as usual, Tony Shalhoub runs away with the show.


Why ? Tom Cruise (before the Scientologists made him crazy) and Tim Curry as a massive demon… with style.


Why ? Because you need a movie that’s histericaly clever all the way through and keeps you guessing until the end. Oh, and the humor is provided by a great cast including John Cleese and Michael Palin.


This is by far one of my favorite all time movies because of the unusual story along with Sean Connery and Michael Caine bringing Kipling’s wonderful characters to life.

And Finally…


Why ? If you haven’t heard how mixed up this movie is by now then you need to catch up. The plot makes no sense, the actors aren’t sure what the plan is and it’s one of those movies that’s so bad it’s good. A great addition to your Saturday night sci-fi marathon.

Well, that’s it for now. If you’re not an Amazon Prime member you can probably borrow some of these films from your public library. I hope you’ll discover a few you haven’t seen before.

Enjoy !

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