Greetings ! Meg Davis (Griffith) Singer – Songwriter – Artist – and MS Fighter welcomes you. Due to illness I can only post on an occasional basis but I do read and respond to all messages sent through this website.

For My Music Bio follow “About – Music” link. All of my albums are available as digital downloads through most music providers around the world. Visit your iPhone Music App to listen and purchase songs or complete albums. Also available through Amazon.com.

You can find 5 of my original albums and sound samples
here :
Just do a search for “Meg Davis”
Albums available :
1. Captain Jack and The Mermaid
(This contains the original 1979 album plus some of my best songs from other albums)
2. Live at Dennos
3. The Music of Wonderland
4. The Burning West Indies
5. Swing The Cat
Coming in 2020 :
Dream of Light Horses


Please write to me, chronic illness keeps me at home and my cat isn’t the greatest conversationalist.

You can also find me on Twitter @MegDavisPrime



Get in touch with Meg Davis :

3 thoughts on “HOME”

  1. Thank so so much for letting me know about your life with my music ! To know that I have some “staying power” is a great comfort since I never had children of my own.

    My body health is getting worse but the “Me that is Me” is staying hopeful with lots of creative ideas, thanks for caring.

    I’ll continue to get my older albums reengineered for digital release and I’m always hoping to sing something new…. Even one song would be fantastic !
    Please give your children big hugs for me.. even if they’re all grown up. The one, true way to stay young is to keep your imagination alive and well, fed with plenty of myths, legends and a Green Gryphon or two.

    😄 Meg


  2. Hi Meg,
    Long time no see. Glad you are writing again. Came across a cassette copy of The Music Of Wonderland the other day. Can’t believe that was 1988! Still remember the night you played Maldon Folk Club. I’m still gigging and recording. Would be good to hear from you again.


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