Farewell, Mr. Bond

Sir Roger Moore passed away today. I shall raise an alcohol free martini in his honor and tearfully watch my favorite Moore as Bond film :

What’s your favorite Roger Moore movie ?

I DID manage to make art for the 2017 Twitter Charity Auction. My watercolor woven art card for this year’s Twitter Exhibit is still available for sale !https://www.mollyolly.co.uk/shop/megdavisprime/

Head Injury Was a Big Setback

It’s always something. Just as I got creativity neurons and brain areas talking to each other..WHAM..a really bad concussion in December of 2015 brought everything to a halt. 

Concussion was caused by a car accident, other than my neck the rest of me was fine. I just thought I’d report in here since my last one was way back in 2014. Honestly, you get so used to hearing the word “concussion” during football season that a lot of people just let it slide. Until you’ve had a brain injury like this you really can’t appreciate how bad it can be. 

It took me the better part of 2016 to get back to feeling like my old self but I haven’t had any opening in the dark clouds that completely swamp my brain’s creative centers since then. 

I’ve been really disappointed by this because I knew the final Pirates of The Caribbean was being released this year and I have a whole album of water and seafaring songs written out as an idea… My brain just couldn’t let me pull it all together for you. 

Ah well, as I keep saying, onward and upward !

Hope Springs Eternal

Weird Viewing

I’m trying to watch NASA TV while I deal with a bad case of double vision and vertigo… It ain’t working. 

Happy Easter

No matter how you celebrate or enjoy today you can revel in the fact that it’s a great time for bunnies, chicks, eggs and art !
So, sit back with a bowl of foil covered, dark chocolate eggs and enjoy some of this great art from around the web. 

Easter Card Art #2

And why did the baby chicks cross the road ? To catch a ride, it seems. 

Now arriving by street car :

And motor car..

And zeppelin, of course !

The Art of Easter Cards

For your delight, I’m presenting old Easter Cards for you this holiday weekend.  These cards are a delight. Here’s a group showing people and their critters. 
Enjoy !

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