Haunted Pocket Camp

#PocketCamp #AnimalCrossing

OMG it’s getting really scary around here ! I need peanut butter cups… now, now, now !!!


Hallowe’en Baking Ideas

I love gingerbread so I think I’ll make some little vampires. It will give me the chance to bite back 😉

The Blob is Alive !

If this doesn’t get you creeped out, nothing will :

Why a brainless yellow ‘blob’ that can learn is mystifying scientists


Hallowe’en Time

Ok, my peeps, I’m taking my stand now. October should be 61 days long… who’s with me ?!

My Happy Haunted Pocket Camp

#PocketCamp #AnimalCrossing

Ooooo, my little campers are scared.

Farewell, Ginger Baker

Time to give another good listen to Disraeli Gears.

Thanks for the long, strange musical trip.


Don’t Close Your Apps

This is going to be a really hard habit to break but it turns out that closing apps after use is using more battery power than we thought :


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