Today’s Touch Of Wisdom

Love for others and respect for their rights and dignity, no matter who or what they are: ultimately these are all we need.

— Dalai Lama XIV

Prepare Your Mower To Avoid Damage Over Winter

Here’s an article from Consumer Reports with some handy tips :

The Brain: “Ringing in the Ears” Actually Goes Much Deeper Than That |

Research on tinnitus has shown that it’s rooted in the very way we process and understand sound.
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Knit A Spud

I’m hoping to do a little knitting because I’ve been spinning so much yarn. I’ll be posting easy/medium skill + free knitting patterns that I find and I know you’ll find something to love. Let’s get started with some…potatoes 😂

Patchwork Chicken: spud
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It’s Godzilla’s 65th Birthday !

Sixty-five years ago today, Toho Studios introduced the world to the giant lizard GODZILLA, which premiered in Japan on Nov. 3, 1954.

Make plenty of popcorn, grab your stuffed Mothra, turn out the lights and binge watch with me into the wee hours.

Making My Own Fun

#PocketCamp #AnimalCrossing

This was the Hallowe’en That Wasn’t. No one came to our home for trick or treats. Not one single person. So I cheered myself up in my Pocket Camp world, ate some KitKats and watched Beetlejuice. Now I’m waiting to see if my cat speaks at Midnight. 😁

Hallowe’en Is Finally Here !

Share your decorations with me and what you give to the Halloweenies. We give out Kit Kat and Reece’s cups. It’s below 40 tonight so I don’t expect a lot of visitors. I hope some come out with homemade costumes, those are the best !

Here’s my front door pumpkin head and flag.

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