Valentine’s Day at My Camp


PocketCamp #AnimalCrossing

Please come and join me. There’s plenty of lavender tea and heart shaped chocolates. Do you play PocketCamp ? Will you join me ? Send a friend request to Tweadle !

Stop Kissing Your Chickens

I’m not going to tell you twice about this, people.

Art Should Be Shared

All cats deserve art too. 😬

FedEx Scam Alert

There’s a new FedEx text message scam that you need to know about. If you shop a lot at Amazon you need to be aware of this.

What The Heck ?

I just came across this product on Amazon :


Apple Watch – How To Improve Battery Power

I found this article very helpful for conserving Apple Watch battery power. Just a few tweeks make a difference.

Woman Astronaut Sets Record

No one really ever pays much attention to female astronauts, as if they’re just some kind of extra cabin crew sent along to provide the coffee and snacks. This BBC article is well worth reading and will introduce you to a very special astronaut.

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