Movie Noire Time

Ah yes, The Big Sleep with Bogie and Bacall. I’ve watched it over and over through the years and each time I find a new, hidden gem in the plot.

How about you ? Have you figured out the intertwining plots that make this film so wonderful and maddening at the same time ? Here’s some information that adds to the fun of finding your way through Chandler’s creation.

Imagine Your Life As An Olympic Gymnast… now put the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Simone Biles

I know most of us were wondering what caused the wonderful Simone Biles to step away from the gymnastics competitions during the Tokyo Olympics. Her mental anguish must have been intense.

She showed an incredible level of bravery admitting that she had a problem so major that she needed to stop performing immediately. Just being able to persuade the coaches and trainers of the US Olympic Team of what she needed to do must have taken the heart of a lion.

As an example of what she goes through here’s a video of some of the rules all Gymnasts must follow.

Stop Kissing Your Chickens

I’m not going to tell you twice about this, people.

Art Should Be Shared

All cats deserve art too. 😬

Too Pooped To Celebrate The Holiday

So, yesterday was our Thanksgiving Holiday. I managed to make my cranberry compote and bake a pumpkin pie but that’s as far as I got.

My husband was kind and said it was ok, we could do the big meal today. I could tell he was bummed though.

Before we got married, I told him I had MS and I was a lot more active then.. he didn’t really believe it because (like a lot of people) he thought I’d be in a wheelchair if I had MS.

I was sorry I couldn’t get our holiday meal together this year but my PPMS got a lot worse in the last 12 months. I’ve even simplified cooking as much as possible. Today, my hubby helped prep some foods and I think that helped him a bit. The turkey’s in the oven, we’re watching football and all the dinner things will be ready in an hour or so.

Unfortunately, I’m so fatigued I’ll get everything heated and ready and then I’ll go to bed. I hate leaving my companion to eat alone but there’s no other choice.

How about you ? Does this happen to you too for whatever reason ? A lot of people work more than one job and have these same issues. Let’s give each other a big hug… And then another piece of pie.

Apple Algorithm Trouble ?

When a company uses an algorithm to decide how much credit you’ll be issued on it’s credit card, and it gives men more $$ than women, then you’ve got a BIG problem.

World’s Loudest Bird

And possibly the weirdest !

Rats Taught To Drive Cars

Well, I never expected to wake up and see this headline this morning.

The Blob is Alive !

If this doesn’t get you creeped out, nothing will :

Why a brainless yellow ‘blob’ that can learn is mystifying scientists

The Blind Muralist

Artists, could you paint blind? I stopped painting due to double vision but this man has inspired me. I’ll try an art piece with my eyes closed and find out what happens. Maybe this man will inspire you too.

Blind artist draws murals by feeling the paint

Art by John Bramblitt

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