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My First Guitar Was Cigar Box

Here’s a BBC article about a musician who taught himself keyboards by playing on paper keys.

How I learned :

I experimented with string sounds when I was little by wrapping rubber bands around a cigar box. In my household my brother had the main musical instrument, a beautiful electric organ with 3 keyboards and full sets of pedals, he became a very accomplished church organist.

I started out experimenting with anything that made a sound then I borrowed a little guitar from a friend who bought it with green “saving stamps” (that was a grocery thing, you got “stamps” as you bought groceries and saved them in booklets you could trade for inexpensive items).

When I’d taught myself 3 songs on the cheap guitar my parents were so impressed that they took me down to a pawn shop and got me my first real guitar. I was in 12 year old heaven and it was a really nice Guild acoustic.

My Mom took me out to a pro shop to see about guitar lessons. The owner turned me away because he said my hands were too small. So, I went home and taught myself, playing with different string tunings and fingering patterns. I made up my own style and played six and twelve string guitars throughout my career.


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Too Pooped To Celebrate The Holiday

So, yesterday was our Thanksgiving Holiday. I managed to make my cranberry compote and bake a pumpkin pie but that’s as far as I got.

My husband was kind and said it was ok, we could do the big meal today. I could tell he was bummed though.

Before we got married, I told him I had MS and I was a lot more active then.. he didn’t really believe it because (like a lot of people) he thought I’d be in a wheelchair if I had MS.

I was sorry I couldn’t get our holiday meal together this year but my PPMS got a lot worse in the last 12 months. I’ve even simplified cooking as much as possible. Today, my hubby helped prep some foods and I think that helped him a bit. The turkey’s in the oven, we’re watching football and all the dinner things will be ready in an hour or so.

Unfortunately, I’m so fatigued I’ll get everything heated and ready and then I’ll go to bed. I hate leaving my companion to eat alone but there’s no other choice.

How about you ? Does this happen to you too for whatever reason ? A lot of people work more than one job and have these same issues. Let’s give each other a big hug… And then another piece of pie.

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I’m pretty sure I need this..

Godzilla fans looking for the ultimate collectible might want to check out the first release in Bandai’s Human Size Figure line — a giant Godzilla statue based on the design from the 1991 film “Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah.”

The Godzilla statue by Design Coco stands 6 feet 4 inches (192 centimeters) and costs approximately $43,500