All Hail Hallowe’en !

Well, my fellow Halloweenies, it’s our favorite holiday yet again.

Stocked with candy, what are you giving to the Trick or Treaters ? We have a magic book filled with Kit Kat, Mini Reeces Cups, and Snickers.

Of course, ancient ones like myself, have fond memories of walking mile after mile of friendly neighborhoods carrying our pillow cases along. Sometimes we’d find a haunted house, sometimes scarry ghosts would pop out. A house on our street in Hyde Park (CIncinnati) would leave their door open and you had to creep down a long hallway to reach a cauldron filled with treats. Another family gave out money ! But, best of all, the candy bars were HUGE back then…. Full size ! We’d run back home to drop off a full pillow case and then go back out to fill an empty one. My folks let us keep a bowl of candy under our beds but that would only last a night or two after we’d had quite enough of chocolate and Carmel goodness.

My favorite candy bars were Payday, Baby Ruth and Zeroes ( white chocolate coating).

What did you want to get in your treat bag ?

Tonight here in Maumelle, Arkansas, it’s thundering with pouring rain with a tornado watch. No visitors at all and I’m terribly disappointed. Our lazy mayor could have moved Trick-or-Treat to last night but just didn’t care, I guess. He’ll be out of office soon, thank goodness, and we’ll make sure our new mayor treats our favorite holiday with respect.

Please check in and tell me what your Hallowe’en was like and remember, cats can talk at Midnight so have a good question ready for your feline….



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