I’m back and so is The Prisoner

I was wondering if the higher cost of Amazon Prime was worth it and I was starting to think it wasn’t because they never add truly good movies or shows… Just loads of B rated junk.

I checked Prime listings today and can’t be happier now because I’ve discovered that they’re showing The Prisoner in beautiful color, digitally mastered. Thank goodness someone at Prime knows how many fabulous old shows there are to make available to the thinking public. Would it be too much to hope they’ll add the complete series of The Avengers ? We shall see.

Let’s do this !

2 thoughts on “I’m back and so is The Prisoner”

  1. Thanks for checking in ! I agree, of course watching The Prisoner when it originally aired on 1967 was a mind blowing experience. I too have been confused by the show until now. Finally, after watching the first few shows in sequence, I understand that it’s his own agency that’s trying to pry information out of him. The most important question they want answered is “why did you resign ?” I thought for a long time that it was an international plot to turn him into a double agent. It’s going to be much easier to enjoy The Prisoner now that I know who’s behind it all.

    On a tour of Wales some years ago, I made a special stop to see The Village an Italian/Arts and Craft style creating in Portmeirion.
    The beautiful Portmeirion Village was built by Welsh architect Clough Williams-Ellis from 1925 to 1973.

    It was a wonderful day waking all around the place, having tea at the little cafe and enjoying the vast beach as the tide was out. Luckily, there was no sign of Rover ! 😅


  2. Glad to hear from you. Wow, always loved the Prisoner. Can’t say I understood a lot of it, but I’m sure that the continued affection for ‘wraps’ is because of the indoctrination of the Prisoner. Had we even heard of wraps before then??? xoxoox

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