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LABYRINTH ! Watch on Ovation Network This Week

Through Dangers Untold,

And Hardships Unnumbered,

I Have Fought My Way Here To The Castle, Beyond The Goblin City

To take Back The Child That You Have Stolen.


Watch on Ovation (CH 274 on Direct TV): All Times Central Standard Time

Nov. 2 @ 2:30 PM

Nov. 8 @ 4:00 PM

Nov. 9 @ 1:30 PM

This wonderful movie is rarely shown on network channels so here’s your chance to catch it. Yes, you’ll have to deal with commercials, but Labyrinth is such a unique movie that it’s well worth it.

And there’s David Bowie….

Enjoy !

2 thoughts on “LABYRINTH ! Watch on Ovation Network This Week”

  1. And your absolutely right ! Now that computers are running the show, movies cut to commercial very abruptly and in the middle of scenes that lose their emotional affect as well. That’s current TV for you.

    The movie moguls are wracking their brains, trying to figure out how to get people to enjoy their movies more. Well, the big mistake they’re making is cutting important scenes from film releases at the theater and on TV. They chop out at least 20 mins of important stuff so they’ll have something to entice buyers with for the DVD/Blueray release later. Consequently, we go to the theater to see a blockbuster and wonder why some of the plot didn’t make sense.

    On TV and in theaters it’s all to make money. We, the audience, are just walking cash machines to them.

    We movie lovers must soldier on !

    It’s a wonder film directors and actors can stand to see what happens to their art. Ah well, we can always wait a few years to see the “Director’s Cut” version of a movie, eh ?


  2. Glad to see this movie on cable, however I’m not pleased with some scenes being cut. The helping hands scene was cut so short it barely made sense. Please bring back the fully uncut movie


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