I’m Still Alive and Kicking !

It’s been rough, folks. No lie. Since last year I’ve had added problems caused by over active immune system and intense pain from TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA. I’ve tried to force my brain to let me listen to music but it keeps fighting back. I refuse to give up however, and I pray a neuro genius somewhere will figure out how to re-route my brain signals so I can work with music again.

In the meantime, I’m happy to report that I’m back working with a wonderful sound engineer from my Cincinnati recording days. You can check him out and thank him yourself on his Facebook page, just look for Bill Gwynne.

Starting last year, Bill’s been rescuing some of my beloved long lost albums, with songs that many of you have asked for, and we will release more music throughout this year. Huzzah !

First up : Swing The Cat (from 1987) IS NOW AVAILABLE !!

It’s been re-mastered in all it’s quirky grandeur and sounds great ! You can check it out on CDbaby.com and iTunes. Enjoy !

((Hugs)) to Everyone,

😊 Meg

9 thoughts on “I’m Still Alive and Kicking !”

  1. your name came up when talking about favorite cds. i did a google search and found your site. so happy! wanted to tell you that swing the cat is my son’s favorite song. thank you for such fun, lovely music. we are a family well acquainted with health troubles, so i hope and pray for you that the joy you have had in creating will be yours again as you struggle through your issues. and my son onnie, 10, says, “hi”!


  2. Hello, hello ! So nice to hear voices from Scotland ! Glad to see you haven’t all melted in the sweltering heat and are alive and well. I miss my friends and the Scottish countryside terribly so sing a song and raise a glass for me as I dream away here in the heart of Arkansas.


  3. Hi Meg,
    Sitting here in the sunshine – yes Scottish sunshine you heard right! Ciaran & Kate are both here and we wanted to let you know we’re thinking about you. Heather (Innes) xx


  4. I became a fan recently, well after being able to see you in your younger days, but Swing the Cat was my favorite old cassette of yours, followed by Captain Jack as a close second. I’m hoping that Dream of Light Horses is on the list of albums to release soon. That one seems to have totally disappeared, and I haven’t been able to hear any of it except for the couple teases as bonus tracks on the old Captain Jack cd. Thanks for the infrequent updates, and hope that all has been well with you since your February update.


  5. Gee Cindy, so cool to hear from you. Your recollection of the last concert I ever did in Dayton makes me feel so good about that evening. I remember having to wait a long, long time to get on stage and I really appreciated everyone who stayed to hear me.
    Wish I still had that long hair !
    Hope you’ve been doing well.
    πŸ€— Meg


  6. Neat ! Thanks for jumping in. I’ve been reading your posts, always interesting. It took a lot of doing to get my old masters, engineer had to pick them up in Michigan then transfer them in Cincinnati and finally work on everything in Hilton Head. My music is well traveled.
    Happy Sunday, to you
    😁 Meg

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  7. Ah….a mention of the “Cincinnati Days”. That may explain why you played Dayton at the Canal Street Tavern one time. That was a glorious evening, never to be forgotten. The lights hit your gorgeous hair just right and you glowed like an angel. An then the voice was even more angelic. I thought I had taken a picture that night, but it’s still hiding, I think. Sadly, Canal Street is no more and Mick Montgomery just recently passed away. Such a sad thing for all of us here. But the memories go on…. Much love. Can’t wait to hear the music…. xoxoxoxox

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