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Holiday Starbucks Drinks Are Here.. And thousands of us can’t drink them.

So, I get this festive email today from #Starbucks announcing their 3 Holiday Drinks :

🎄Carmel Brulee Latte

Grande = 450 cals, 70 carbs

🎄Peppermint Mocha

Grande = 440 cals, 59 carbs

🎄Toasted White Chocolate Mocha

Grande = 420 cals, 57 carbs

I eat a no added sugar, high fiber, limited calorie, no caffeine diet. I can get creative, of course, and try to create one of these drinks using their sugar free syrups and decaf coffee..But I shouldn’t have to, nor should other coffee lovers have to.

Seriously, Starbucks, it’s flipping 2018 for Pete’s sake (sorry Pete).

Tens of thousands of us across the US miss out on all the holiday drinks.. Witches Brew ? Not for you, Pumpkin Spice drinks ? Ain’t happening, and so on. Even the simple Matcha Latte still has sugar added. They add their Special “syrup” to everything. So, I have to plan well ahead before I step into a Starbucks.

How about you ? Are you trying to cut down on calories or sugar ? What recipes have you come up with to get a coffee you like and that fits your diet at Starbucks ?

I’m not even going to go into the foods they have on offer.. Geez Louise (sorry Louise). I’d have to work like holy heck to create a cookie that weighs in at 570 calories and 75 carbs ! That’s what their chocolate chip cookie will cost your diet. No fiber, zero nutrition.

I’m sorry to go off the rails here but since Starbucks wants to appear to be an “Earth friendly”, “socially forward” company it makes me wonder why they’re trying to kill us all with their menus.

Ok, deep breath… I’m ok now. Time for my homemade, decaf cold brew coffee with lactose free steamed milk.

Cheers !