Should I separate my medical stuff ?

Just wondering, let’s see a show of hands. Who thinks it would be a good idea to use a different blog for my medical stuff ?

I’m considering this because I could link that to Twitter and my MS pals there would read just my medical stuff. Sticking my health issues in with the fun of gardening, humor posts and creative musings kind of brings the whole thing down, I think.

What do you think ?

2 thoughts on “Should I separate my medical stuff ?”

  1. Thank you. I do believe I have a different set of people interested in what I have to say. My music followers are so kind and thoughtful that it is often a very sad and disheartening thing for them to hear of my health problems. I get a lot of lovely messages from people when they see I’m not doing well but I have a lot of research and technical stuff regarding MS and other diseases that are better suited for my MS friends, I think.
    So, I’ll create a medical blog where I can blather on about ailments and such.

    I also think I have to get on Facebook. I have avoided it all this time because I don’t like the founder nor do I trust the Facebook platform. Still, many people can’t seem to find me through my website for some reason and I think I’d connect with a lot more international fans and friends via FB.
    Glad you chipped in with your thoughts on the subject.

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