Fields of Fire Album

Hello, my Friends.

I want to get the message out there about my 1980’s album “Fields of Fire”. I was living in Scotland at the time when I was contacted by a Portland based filk music company. They wanted me to write, produce & record an album of music based on Mercedes Lackey’s book of the same name.

I wish I had had the chance to talk to Mercedes at the time to see how she felt about such a project but, being out of the country a lot, I never managed to connect with her (sadly to say). 

I went ahead with the writing : music, lyrics, arrangements, and the went out to Portland where, with the help of some lovely people in the Fantasy Music scene out there, we managed to get the album recorded.

Over time, it seems my name has disappeared from the credits for this album and I’d really like you all to help me set the record straight on the matter. For example,  I came across some very nice YouTube videos made back around 2009 by a fellow going as ARP7777. He says the album is by Ms Lackey and doesn’t know who the singer is but I couldn’t find a way to contact him to fix the credits for my songs. I wrote all the songs (lyrics, music, guitar work etc) for the album “Fields of Fire” but, since it was written and performed at the behest of a music company, I did not retain publishing rights and I think that’s why my name has been left off the credits.

Since my first album of music was produced for Philo records in 1979 you have all gone out of your way to let musicians know that I was the songwriter of so many popular songs adopted by the Filk community. I am eternally grateful for everyone’s efforts around the planet as I have recieved appropriate royalties that would otherwise have been lost. So, if you come across YouTube videos or performances and the music credits aren’t right please help me out and correct them. My MS keeps me offline…. A lot .. and that’s why I’m so behind on all this stuff.

Hugs and love to all. May this find you happy and enjoying a life to the fullest. I know I am.

😉 Meg


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