My Peagasus Award !!

Hiya, everybody ! Did you hear ?  I finally got a Pegasus Award for “Captain Jack and The Mermaid” as Best Classic Filk Song. 


I’m so pleased and grateful to the Filking community for acknowledging my sea chantey as a long lasting song in their music circles . Written in 1975, this year makes my ballad 40 years old. Now that’s staying power ! Huzzah !

Here we are, the week before Thanksgiving & I managed to get through some rough storms yesterday with rain like I’ve never seen before in Arkansas. All is fine and I’m just dealing with adrenal gland problems which is boring and fatiguing.

In the meantime, it’s what to serve up for Thanksgiving Feast next week. I have my own recipe for a chunky Cranberry Chutney that has apples & curry spices in it. I like a cranberry dish you can sink your teeth into ! I’ll post it here when I can make a manageable recipe for you..I tend to make things up as I go along. How about you ? Do you start with a working recipe and then make it your way ?

That wore me out just thinking about it. Hang in there, peeps, & remember to give Thanksgiving greetings to people you know who have no family or are on their own. These holiday activities can be very depressing for some.

Love to all, 😉 Meg



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