Middle of Summer Checking In

Greetings, All, and thanks for everyone who kept me in mind while I was dealing with new swallowing problems. Thank goodness, I guess, it’s just increased MS (We were worried about something much, much worse).

ImageWe finally got rain here in the middle of Arkansas after 4 weeks of sun. My Plumeria don’t seem interested in blooming, my roses are under stress but I have enough Oregano, Mint and Rosemary to feed a small army. I’m getting through the hot weather by planning my Fall plantings of new lavender plants. I’m sure I’m not the only one already thinking about cool, mysterious October nights, pumpkins and Hallowe’en ! My favorite time of year for sure and I always consider Oct. 1st the beginning of ghosty season….which, for me runs through into the the following February.


6 thoughts on “Middle of Summer Checking In”

  1. Ah, where are the cool breezes ? Where is Autumn ? I long for the change, it is still so hot here in the upper 90’s with more to come. I am only in Arkansas because my husband’s job brought him here. It is a lovely place and the people are nice but the temps are impossible for someone like me with MS. I’m a snow-bunny, after all. There’s nothing I love more than snowshoeing to a frozen lake so I can spend the day drinking hot cocoa and ice fishing, or following deer tracks in the snow as I hunt for shed antlers….a far cry from this Arkansas microwave.

    I’ve put out my Hallowe’en plates to send a message to The Powers That Be that it’s time to cool down and harvest the pumpkins.

    Thanks so much for your thoughts about my health worries. Yes, although it seems MS has increased my pain level and swallowing problems it is a relief considering we thought I might have throat cancer (which killed my father). Although I never smoked I did suck in a lot of smoke in the early days doing smokey clubs and folk concerts. In 1986 I’d had enough and requested that the audiences not smoke during my shows in the UK. The concert promoters thought we’d lose attendance but were amazed to find shows more crowded than ever. It seems I started a trend then but I had remembered when Mohammed Ali had made the same request when he was still boxing and fight promoters really gave him a hard time.

    Sometimes you have to be brave and speak up, eh ?

    Has Autumn started where you are ?
    😉 M


  2. Dear Hermina,
    How wonderful to find you here and I am so happy that you are all enjoying my music.
    As my Father’s ancestor’s would say in Welsh, ” Cyfarchion !” (Greetings !).
    I am incredibly lucky to have found Futures for Children who have matched me with Angel as her mentor. I hope I can let many more people know about this organization that does so much to help Native peoples from mentoring students to providing natural wool yarns for Navajo artists to weave their rugs with.

    Your daughter is a unique girl, an avid reader and artist who has a very bright future and I will be with her all the way. I am honored to be a part of your family circle.

    My love to all,
    🙂 Meg


  3. So glad the throat issue wasn’t something worse than what you thought it would be. Keep on keepin’ on sista! Can you even believe Fall is practically here already? 🙂


  4. Ya’at’eeh (Hello in Navajo) Meg,
    We love your CD that you sent Angel, she is always listening to it when she is in her drawing mood and when doing her homework. We are praying for you. We to love the fall season as Angel mention. Thank you for being a great mentor to her.

    😉 Hermina White (Angel’s mom)


  5. Great to have a shout out from Pennsylvania ! I miss the rolling hills and foggy dales. I enjoyed so much there, from Highland Games to folk festivals.
    Give me howdy-do to all the music peeps in your circle. Let everyone know that there well-wishing is the best medicine I could have against my increasing problems with MS.

    The temps are still brutal here in Arkansas and I’m sure it’s hot and humid up your way. Any minute now, a cool breeze will drift down to us and the pumpkins will come in from the fields. Let’s look forward to the golds and peaches of Autumn and the tricks and treats around the bend.

    Stay cool ’till then,
    😉 Meg


  6. I have been a big fan since Capt. Jack. I once told you about the cult following you have in NE Pa. We all have only good thoughts for you and hope MS research continues.


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