Planting Roses

Planting Roses

Although temps are a rainy 50F , I know ot will be hot as heck here in Arkansas very soon. Now is the time when MSrs can still be outside in the cool weather, enjoying cloudy days and brisk breezes.

4 thoughts on “Planting Roses”

  1. What songs are you looking for, Hope ? Maybe some of them made it onto one of my other CDs. I know many people want “Dream of Light Horses” in it’s entirety and the master tapes may still be readable to get the music onto CDBaby and iTunes etc. It just takes some detective work by a new engineer. When I am feeling better I will ask him to check to see if we can remix “Dream”. I will let you know when something happens.
    Thanks bunches for checking in and enjoying my music.


  2. Thank you for checking in, Annie, and reminding me of “Queen of the May”. It was written by a very good friend who got me back and forth safely to many of my concerts in far flung areas of Wales. We were not related but could be considered of the same clan as his name is Alan Davies and my family’s original spelling of our name was “Daviess” as my father’s people came from the mountains around Aberystwyth. Alan wrote “The Queen of the May” for his girlfriend, when he took her to the age old May Day celebration in Padstow.
    I don’t know where Alan has moved to now but he did marry his sweetheart and, the last time I saw them in Dublin, they were very happy together.


  3. Dear Meg,
    I started listening to your music a long time ago. I’m in the SCA and some of my friends there shared a cassette of the Light Horses album that never got returned . So fast forward to today and I just attended another SCA event for the first time in forever and started thinking of that music. It only took me 30 minutes to find your name and those wonderful songs! Now I am wondering if I can get that album somehow. I plan to download the Captain Jack one on cdbaby.com when we get paid next weekend, but I just can’t live without that other album! Please say that you can help me out!!!

    Thanks so much!
    Your New Old Fan,
    Hope M.


  4. Happy Mayday, Meg! I very much loved your song, “Queen of the May” that Max Ferguson played on his Saturday morning radio show a few years back. Thinking of you…hope you have a happy day!

    Annie Schaff
    Port Townsend, Washington


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