Meg’s Lavender Garden – Central Arkansas Zone 7

Meg's Lavender Garden - Central Arkansas Zone 7

It’s already time to start planting in central Arkansas with new lavender plants going into raised bed. Lavender loves sandy drainage, hot & dry surroundings. I’m in gardening zone 7 & the Farmer’s Almanac has hot weather starting early and getting really vicious in July and August.
The lavenders that have done best for me here : Provence & Grosso. These are very large plants but give a huge harvest of lavender buds for home use and sharing.
I use my dried lavender in tea cozies, sleep pillows, drawer sachets and to repeal spiders & fleas.
If you want to use lavenders in food, choose those varieties that do not have a “camphor” element to their scent. English lavenders seem to be best for this.