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I really enjoy bead weaving. My love for this art form started when my grandparents bought a traditional, Native American bead loom. These are very simple looms and you can easily make your own out of almost anything, even a piece of cardboard.

If you do an image search on the ‘net you’ll see tons of incredible pieces. The creativity that can be done with beautiful seed beads never ceases to amaze me.

I built my own long loom but you can buy one from look for their “adjustible bead loom”. (Beadwork shown here is from CrazyCrow)

I design my pieces using colors from nature and patterns I’ve developed myself. I once did a whole series based on snake skins and poison dart frogs.

This is my “Wolf Moon” necklace woven with seed beads.

I have not been inspired for a long time but today I saw this BBC photo and my weaving spirit woke up ! The colors this male Mandarin Duck displays are so rich that I’ve just got to make a weaving with them. This is what inspires me and where I find my color pallets for beadwork and tapestries.

Male Mandarin Duck

What inspires your creative soul ?

2 thoughts on “Inspiration Starts Here”

  1. Dear Pam,
    Thanks so much for telling me about your mom’s artwork, I’ll certainly check it out.
    Danish settlers in the Great Lakes Region influenced the beadwork of the Native Americans there, especially the beautiful work of the Ojibwe. Their pieces were much sought after by other tribes, so valuable that a piece would typically cost the buyer a pony.


  2. My mom has gotten into Danish bead weaving. She makes the most amazing art. I am so proud of her. She can also use a bead loom, but that’s not where her heart lies. You should look her up on Facebook. She’s the Dorothy Casper who went to Florida State (I feel kinda weird about leaving the link). 🙂


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