After 4 years I created something fun !

Hello ! I actually designed and completed a public art project in Little Rock. 18 artists painted storm drains to educate the public about storm drains leading to streams and rivers and how to that clean water. I was able to paint for 1 day and then I was in bed for 2 weeks but it got done, this is a huge accomplishment for me both physically & creatively.

Here’s my original design :

This is the first time that I attempted to paint on concrete and we were only given 4 primary colors plus black & white to work with. The paint is specially made for sidewalk use called “Armor Tread” but, if you ever want to use it, we found that it can be watered down enough to create a bit of a watercolor affect.

When I heard about this competition I thought, ” ok, I can do a design but there’s no way that I can paint it.” So, I got in touch with the organisers and they were only too happy to hook me up with two other great artists who volunteered to make my fishy come to life. I was able to be diwn there for a little bit mostly thanks to the early May weather which stayed cool and rainy. The lower temps gave me a maximum chance to fight through the chronic MS fatigue and, once I got the basic fish design down, I knew the other artists would follow my lead and give the piece a nice “60’s” vibe.

And so, today is for celebrating and even though a little bit of art knocks me off my feet for several weeks, it’s not so bad knowing that I accomplished something in between all the aches, pains and MS weirdness. I’d lost my creative muse since 2011 and it suddenly just now came back to life. I only managed to do this design and then the creative door closed but I will look forward to the day when that door opens again.

The public is allowed to vote for the artist that they like best and I could really use YOUR vote. BETWEEN JUNE 10 – 30th you can enter your votes for my fishy. I’m artist #6 (last on the page) on the drain-smart.org website under “Selected Artists” on “South Main”.

I hope everyone has as great a week as I’m having. ((Hugs))

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