Meg Davis CD The Burning West Indies

All Music by Meg Davis is available from http://www.cdbaby.com  Also on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon.com and all International Music providers.


FEBRUARY 2018  ANNOUNCEMENT : “Swing The Cat” has been re-released and is now available as individual songs or whole album on iTunes and CDbaby.com !

Meg Davis has been producing and publishing original music since the age of 14 and was chosen as the ‘Best Young North American Songwriter’ in 1978 by Peter of Peter, Paul and Mary.
A consummate folklorist, Davis worked as an archivist at both the Library of Congress in D.C. and Cecil Sharpe House in London between tours, and collected rare and beautiful indigenous music wherever she traveled. Meg Davis’ career involved touring and performing traditional Irish, Scottish and American folk music with artists ranging from Ewan MacColl to Bill Monroe to Joanie Madden and included unique appearances with movie legends such as Lillian Gish. Playing venues near and far from the Kennedy Center in DC to the old Troubadour in London, and adding her vocal and instrumental talents as solo soprano with several international choirs, Meg Davis continues to be loved the world over for her ringingly clear vocals and sumptuous guitar work.
Original music composed and arranged by Meg Davis has been performed and recorded by many world class musicians including the great Irish band, De Dannan, and used in movies and television documentaries in Canada, Sweden and Norway.
Meg’s music can be heard across the airways and is very popular in the following countries :
Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad & Tobago, The United Kingdom, Venezuela, Yugoslavia and McMurdo Expedition Station, Antarctica (the penguins are particularly fond of her A Capella singing).

In 1993 Meg Davis retired from stage performing due to Multiple Sclerosis. Having to adapt to a life without performing, she took up her fibers, looms, watercolors and art techniques and began to create in new ways. She
continues to dedicate her time to creating fiber arts, illustrations and graphic designs while her music notebooks await her return.

Meg never gives up hope of producing new recordings of original music in the future.
Thank you for visiting and check back as we build a lush environment art and music for you to enjoy .

You can find all of Meg’s most popular traditional and original published tracks and whole albums available for sampling and download through CDbaby, iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and most all International Music sources on the web.

2018 UPDATE : Meg Davis will answer you directly, just drop her a line, and give her a little time. Your messages are the best medicine Meg can get and she will get back to you.

42 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. Hiya ! “Lady Amber”, from my “Dream of Light Horses” album, was only released on cassette way back in the ’80s.
    The Good News is that I’m finally able to re-master my “Dream” album and I will be have it all available later this year on CDbaby, Amazon, iTunes etc.

    In the meantime, I’m very happy to report I’ve recently re-released “Swing The Cat” and you’ll find that album available for download from CDbaby, Amazon and iTunes right now !

    🙂 Meg


  2. Dear Ms. Davis,

    I discovered “Captain Jack and the Mermaid” while thinking about a character whom this could have happened to.

    I think the song is so beautiful, and was blown away at the emotion and the way the song is written, with the climax and the answer she gives him. Or the sea.

    I would be ecstatic if you were to grant me permission to perform and maybe videotape this song.

    It is really nice, also, to see you on the Internet, responding to fans’ comments so sweetly. I notice you have a lot of little things that could be helpful in terms of music.

    I don’t know how much I can do from long distance (?), but please, also, let me know if there’s something that can be done to help online!

    Thank you so much.


  3. Hey Meg. I remember way back in the early 80s when my friend Catt introduced me to filk music. You, Leslie Fish, and Mercedes Lackey have always my ‘go to’s’ when I’m in the mood to listen to those sounds, and I was very happy to finally find at least some of your music on CD on Amazon a few days ago. I went ahead and snapped everything up that I could (My Copy of a Copy of a Copy of my old cassette tapes are finally starting to wear too thin to listen to). Like most of your fans, I’d love to see reprints of all of your original work (my favorite tapes are Swing the Cat and Dream of Light Horses), and I’d gladly break the bank to get hold of them. (Unfortunately, I can’t vote for vinyl reprints, having no record player! Also makes it difficult to get it into my MP3 player while I go walking 😉 )

    I’d also like to say that I hadn’t heard about the MS and related health problems, and my heart goes out to you. If your music is anything to go by, you’re a beautiful person, and it’s always heartbreaking when that beauty gets locked in by sickness. I hope that whatever healing can be done finds it’s way to you. *hugs*

    I’ll keep an eye out here from now on. Hope you are doing well!


  4. Helloooo Marsha !
    I’m so glad that you stopped by here, I’d wanderd off from LiveJournal. I really appreciate your enthusiasm as it does my spirit good.
    As fate would have, I’ve been thinking about Swing the Cat and more of my haunted music in general. I’m working on a Hallowe’en album because it’s my favorite season.
    I think people would enjoy it. What do you think ?

    It’s been a tough year pain wise but lovely people like you help me think of better things (like getting creative). I really must get MP3 tracks of the songs you like and put them here for everyone’s enjoyment.

    Do me a favor and keep reminding me through the year and, when I have period where I’m well, I’ll work on the music.

    May this missive find you happy & well too.
    You’ve made me smile.
    ((Hugs)) back,


  5. Hello! we used to correspond on Livejournal (I was Damedini). LIFE ™ happened and I’m not active there now, but I was just listening to My Winter Rose and Wind In The Pipes and got to thinking about you. Also because I’m heading to the Flint Art Fair in Michigan next week, and your art is so lovely.
    I hope you’re as well as can be and enjoying the warm weather. I so hope you can get more of your beautiful songs onto CDs (the one about the wolfchildren and the bansidhe wailing a dirge for the king). I’ve adored your music since I was given my first con-tape in 1988-ish.

    Marsha M in Toronto


  6. Good heavens I hope I’m not too late to get this permission to you ! Thank you very much for asking and I give you full permission to perform any of my songs that you like, now and in the future.

    Have a great time at the faire 🙂


  7. Mrs. Davis,
    I have been looking for a way to get in touch with you about obtaining your permission to perform a couple of your songs (“Monster’s Lullaby” and “Captain Jack”) at the Oklahoma Renaissance Faire this year. My wife and I have a band (Triskelion… you can find us on Facebook) and this year OKRF is requiring proof of permission for any song that is not original or traditional. We love both of these songs (especially “Monster’s, which is always a hit when we play it for kids) and are always sure to mention you when we play them.
    If you do not mind us playing these songs live, please let us know so that we may continue. Of course, if you would prefer that we didn’t, we will honor that wish,
    Thank you for not only considering our request but for also making a lifetime of music that has inspired us all.


    Floyd Brigdon


  8. We just received the West Indies CD and it is wonderful….. Listening to your clear, warm voice is a soothing balm while the icy cold hangs around outside. Thank you for sharing your talent with the the world.
    Juel L.


  9. Happy New Year Meg! Just read your email re: Susan Boyle singing Auld Lang Syne. I didn’t hear her but am not surprised. And to answer your question – YES there is room for you – we need really good singers out there in music land. My husband raves about your singing – he lived in Cincinnati back in the 70’s and still remembers going to hear you sing at the Blind Lemon. ( You knew a friend of his – Pete Palm. )
    Please, please do record in 2014. May 2014 be a peaceful, healthier, and prosperous year for you.
    Juel & Dennis Leonard


  10. Thank you so much for letting me know about Max. I never got to meet him, or even speak with him,
    but I have him to thank for spreading my voice across the greatness of Canada. I will always be sad that I became ill before I could travel and give concerts in places I longed to see such as Nova Scotia and the wilds of British Columbia. Thanks to Max’s radio show I have made many good friends from the north.

    Rest in Peace, Max Ferguson. You were much loved and greatly appreciated and will live long in the hearts of your fans.


  11. Dear Ms. Davis, as an enjoyer of your music over a long time, I’m curious if you were aware of exposure on a CBC Radio2 FM program (Canada). Somehow, I believe you are, and I was introduced to your songs via the “Max Ferguson Show” running on Saturday mornings. The show ended running in Sept., of 1996 and he seemed to have the knack of finding deserving songs to be heard. And if you were unaware, I believe Mr. Ferguson enjoyed your singing very much and I’m very pleased I’ve been able to obtain recordings of yours. It was always a special moment to hear “The Broom of the CowdenKnowes”, and I probably have a recording of the song on his show as I often recorded when the signal was good enough. I listened to the Windsor, Ontario station from across the lake, in Ohio. Mr. Ferguson passed in March of this year, only seven days shy of St. Patrick’s Day and I owe gratitude to him for playing the artists he did. It occurred to me you may have known of him yet be unaware of his passing.

    Thank you for bringing the music to my ears.


  12. Hello, Dear Friend. It’s so cool to find you here across all the years.

    Ah, Tea Time…. A funny thing about the crash at the end. I was recording that album at a country house in the rolling hills of Gloucester and we had collected as much old and broken china from the farmhouse as would come to hand. We set up microphones in the cobblestone courtyard of the stables and tried recording the sound of dishes being thrown to the ground but nothing worked quite right….we just couldn’t get the right affect. So, the engineer and I had given up and were back in the studio at the soundboard forgetting to turn the mics and recording system off in the stable yard. A friend was carrying more crockery out to us when… He stumbled on a cobblestone and an armload of dishes went crashing onto the stones. In true Meg Davis Music Productions fashion, the Tea Time crescendo was created by accident, recorded by accident and fit in perfectly with my little song.

    Ah, serendipity….. Always at the heart of great things.

    Since you’ve reminded me of Tea Time I’ll sit down today and type out the lyrics to post here. That song has been recorded all over the world as well as used in a few documentaries and as theme songs for radio shows. It must make a lot of people happy and that keeps me happy.

    And now it really is time for tea. In spite of the hot weather still here in central Arkansas, I’ll have a mug of decaf PG Tips with lots of sweet milk.

    Email me back and let me know how you’re doing these days.
    Your old buddy,
    🙂 Meg


  13. Dear Meg,

    I was listening to, TEA TIME the other day and thought i would try to touch base with you since i haven’t heard anything from you in ages. I love the percussion on that little piece, especially the rousing crescendo at the end!
    I don’t suppose you are as well known for your percussive compositions as well as your classy-ickle guitar stuff.
    Hope you are doing well. Think about you from time to time…always fond memories.

    Your friend,

    Greg Jacobs


  14. Aloha, Ed ! Never ever imagining that I would be unable to play music for some reason I did not write down chords for songs. Crazy, right ? Well, I pride myself on my memory and it’s all locked away in my brain. I can still play and sing fine, it’s just that certain repeated rhythms can set off mild seizures. That’s what gets in my way….and it’s a pretty big roadblock.

    However, since some lovely peeps got me my wonderful iPad2, I have been having a hoot of a time with it and am now going to try recording myself playing through a song to see if I can make a video. If I can do that, I’ll be able to start a library of videos of my songs with me showing the guitar work and all my smart music peepes will figure out what I’m doing from there. I also have apps to try that “recognize” chords when played. I don’t know how accurate these apps are but I’ll give them a shot too.

    I need someone well versed in weird and alternate chordings to check the accuracy of how the apps translate my played chords into named chords…any volunteers ? See, I don’t know the names of chords…I just went with the flow of things.

    I made up my guitar fingerings as I went along. Being self-taught, I did variations in string tuning both across 6 strings and 12 strings. The fact that people want lyrics and chords after all this time is amazing to me and cheers me to no end. I must try to give you what you ask for if I have the strength to do so.

    Watch this space !
    😉 M


  15. It’s been a tough year healthwise but I do have “Dream” transferred to MP3 files now. I want to
    tweak the sound a bit BUT my PC went stupid and I have to but another one with a disc
    drive to do anymore work from the CDs I have.
    Sheesh, it’s always something, eh ?

    Keep sending me notes here as reminders so I don’t wander off while I’m deciding on a laptop to buy. Luckily, there are plenty of bargains to be had.

    Onward and upward,
    😉 M


  16. Any progress on converting the master tapes to digital for Dream of Light Horses?

    My copy wore out years ago. I used to sing several songs from that tape to my daughters. My pitch isn’t great, I’d love them to hear a real singer perform them!


  17. Meg
    I remember hearing you in the rooms of Baycon with Leslie Fish. Thanks for all the music. Would it be possible to get the chords for “swing a cat” or any of your music? Perhaps the Meg Davis songbook? I’d buy that in a heart beat. I’ve had Captain Jack memorized for thirty odd years and have always loved your stuff. Hope you are feeling better today.


  18. I discovered the De Dannan version of Captain Jack and the Mermaid by chance on internet radio a few months ago. I couldn’t get it out of my head, so I went looking for the lyrics. Which led me to you. First, thanks for such an amazing song, I can’t wait to see what else I have to discover from you! Second, I also ran across the lyrics for End of the Tail. Oh thank you for writing her side of the story! I don’t see it on any of your albums and I would love to hear you sing it if it was ever recorded. If you put out any more old recordings I’d love to know about them.


  19. Hello dear Meg, I just got a sealed lp copy of ‘Captain Jack..’ great album. Also like a lot the fabulous Alice in Wonderland music!! Is it available on lp?
    I have “burning West Indies” cd also! what do you do lately? cheers!


  20. How wonderful to hear a friendly voice from Greece, such a beautiful part of the world. I’d like to know more about you and which of my songs you like best. I was able to enjoy Greek hospitality, food and drink when I was in Cyprus back in 1974. A very long time ago but I can still remember the sun, sea, music and laughter of my seafaring friends.
    I hope to hear back from you,
    🙂 Meg


  21. Dear Meg, all the best for the New Year for you and your family. From an audiophile collector, magazine writer and follower of your great music from Greece!!!


  22. Sorry to reply to your note so late, Kathleen. How did you did with the words for “Swing The Cat” ? Do you need any help ?
    Thanks for teaching my song to your daughter. This will ensure she has avwell rounded sense of humor.
    😉 Meg


  23. Hello, Katerenia and thanks for writing. I have cassettes floating around like you do that friends gave me and, over time, I’ve forgotten who wrote what…so, you’re not alone.
    Of the songs you just mentioned the only one that’s mine is “Fast Away The Lions Run” and, unfortunately, that’s one song that is NOT available online at this time. So, I’ll keep your message and let you know if I can put a songfile of that online to download in the future. It sounds like I was among other animal songs on your tape. That’s nice company to be in.
    It’s funny that “Fast Away The Lion’s Run” is mentioned now as we’re in the chilly weather because it is about staying too long in an unrequited-love relationship like a bird staying too long into Winter before following her companions to the warmth of the south.
    I always liked that song….glad you did too !

    Happy Thanksgiving,
    🙂 Meg


  24. I was first introduced to you a long time ago and given a copy of a copy of a copy of a tape many more years ago that I care to even think about. I was told that is was a compilation of a couple of your albums (Ok, well, at the time there was really no other way to get you music). Anyway, there were a few of songs on there….one was called “Lycanthropy”, another “Never Buy My Freedom”, “Sir Lauren” and “Where the Lions run” were 4 of them that I remember off hand. I would love to get my hands on these (legal copies for a change.. who’d have thought ;-)). Please forgive me if these were not even your songs. I was told they were… the tapes were passed around a lot so something may have been stuck on there at one point or another that did not belong. The recordings were bad and the voices were distorted so it was hard to tell.


  25. Hey, Claudette, Thanks for dropping me a line…and thanks for the warm enthusiasm (I need all the cheery chat I can get). I am not on Facebook because I don’t like the way they gobble up all your contacts and sell them to make their money. I mean, really…do you want you’re dentist to get a Facebook request from you ? Well. I didn’t so..I steered clear. But, I am on Twitter and I need buddies over there real bad ! Tell everyone to come chat with me… @MegDavisPrime
    Twitter is the one thing I get to when I’m curled up in bed with pain problems.


  26. Wow, Esther, I wish I could add some special wrapping for your musical Christmas gifts. So glad you like what you’re finding, let me know if you have any other music requests, ok ?


  27. I’m taking note of all missing songs people want and, hopefully, I’ll get them on the net one way or the other…even if I have to do a sock puppet show to the music and put it on YouTube . Thanks for writing, visiting and asking !


  28. So, SO pleased to find your music to purchase again! (I’m purchasing music as I type this. 🙂 I, too, would love to have ‘Dream of Light Horses’ available.

    Also, my memory says that you recorded “All Through The Night”, I think on “Dream of Light Horses”. Am I mis-remembering? I hope I’m not, because I would dearly, DEARLY love to have that song in my life again.

    You’ve just solved SO many Holiday shopping dilemmas! Thanks!


  29. I would love to have Lady Ember, Suit of Grey Wind, Ravens, All Through the Night …. basically the songs from Dream of Light Horses that are not on other albums!

    Thank You so much!

    And, how is your mother doing?


  30. Meg, happy to find even the downloadable cd’s. Unfortunately, those old tapes bit the dust finally. Ha! I was trying to teach my daughter “Swing the Cat” and darned if I realized I had forgotten part of the words! I think I’m getting old… 😉 oh wait. I am. I’m glad to see you getting things published that have been lost for a long time. Thank you!


  31. Dear Claudia,
    “Light Horses” never got to CD, several of the songs were put on the Capt. jack 2000 compilation CD. Let me know which songs you really want. Over the coming winter I’ll be making missing songs from my albums available as I get them pulled off the old masters.
    Thank you SO much for asking and please keep in touch.
    Happy June, stay cool,
    😉 Meg


  32. Thanks so much! Your album “The Claddagh Walk” never leaves my iPod. I’m so happy to have found your website. I’m a harpist – have you ever recorded anything with harp?


  33. Hello ! I’m so pleased you enjoy my “Wonderland” music. A play was worked on at one time for Scottish production but wasn’t completed. I don’t have a script but maybe that’s something that could be done. I’d love to present my concept album onstage. I’ll check out your site and get back to you.


  34. Ms. Davis, I have been a fan of yours for years! I just recently purchased the Alice CD and am fascinated with it! This may be off the wall, but is there a script that would accompany the songs to turn the cycle into a musical? I direct high school plays and can easily see this work staged! Please let me know. Thanks!


  35. Hi, Meg. Hope you are doing well. Just thinking about you… Family is fine. Have two grandkids now. Working on a movie project. Still trying to create, as you are.


  36. Is the song Lady Amber available anywhere? I had it on the Dream of Light Horses cassette, but the cassette died some time ago.


  37. I haven’t been able to find a copy of Lady Amber anywhere. Will the songs from Dream of Light Horses ever be available on Amazon, or elsewhere?

    A friend of mine gave me cassette many, many years ago, and that was one of my favorite songs. It stuck with me for many years, and I’d love to purchase a copy again.


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