Making My Own Fun

#PocketCamp #AnimalCrossing

This was the Hallowe’en That Wasn’t. No one came to our home for trick or treats. Not one single person. So I cheered myself up in my Pocket Camp world, ate some KitKats and watched Beetlejuice. Now I’m waiting to see if my cat speaks at Midnight. 😁

Hallowe’en Is Finally Here !

Share your decorations with me and what you give to the Halloweenies. We give out Kit Kat and Reece’s cups. It’s below 40 tonight so I don’t expect a lot of visitors. I hope some come out with homemade costumes, those are the best !

Here’s my front door pumpkin head and flag.

What To Do With Your Hallowe’en Pumpkins

Problem With Ugly Ads

My Dear Peeps,

I apologise for the ads that appear on my website. I’m trying to decide what to do about this as I’m on limited funds. I’ll make a decision soon about my website but, no matter what, “megdavis” will always be my web address.

I wish I could choose the ads they put up on my WordPress site.. Honestly, some of them are pretty ghastly.. And not in a fun way.

Stay tuned for further developments !


Got Candy ?

The Halloweenies are getting ready for the big night, are you ?

My Spooky Camp

#PocketCamp #AnimalCrossing

Nothing better than giving my friendly Dragon the shivers with my ghostly minions and accursed mirror. Join me, my friends ! Send me your Pocket Camp friend number so we can howl together !

World’s Loudest Bird

And possibly the weirdest !

Rats Taught To Drive Cars

Well, I never expected to wake up and see this headline this morning.

Haunted Pocket Camp

#PocketCamp #AnimalCrossing

OMG it’s getting really scary around here ! I need peanut butter cups… now, now, now !!!

Hallowe’en Baking Ideas

I love gingerbread so I think I’ll make some little vampires. It will give me the chance to bite back 😉

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