I’m Still Alive and Kicking !

It’s been rough, folks. No lie. Since last year I’ve had added problems caused by over active immune system and intense pain from TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA. I’ve tried to force my brain to let me listen to music but it keeps fighting back. I refuse to give up however, and I pray a neuro genius somewhere will figure out how to re-route my brain signals so I can work with music again.

In the meantime, I’m happy to report that I’m back working with a wonderful sound engineer from my Cincinnati recording days. You can check him out and thank him yourself on his Facebook page, just look for Bill Gwynne.

Starting last year, Bill’s been rescuing some of my beloved long lost albums, with songs that many of you have asked for, and we will release more music throughout this year. Huzzah !

First up : Swing The Cat (from 1987) IS NOW AVAILABLE !!

It’s been re-mastered in all it’s quirky grandeur and sounds great ! You can check it out on CDbaby.com and iTunes. Enjoy !

((Hugs)) to Everyone,

😊 Meg