It’s Been A Really Hard Year

Dear People,

I must apologize to everyone who has written me lately or asked questions about music. It’s just been an awful health year so far and I’ve been struggling to function. I know you all understand so please, don’t lose faith in me. All your letters and questions and comments mean the world to me and really cheer me up during hard times.

I still have plenty of creative ideas but my brain and body just won’t play ball. Never the less, I do not lose hope of publishing something fresh… Eventually.

I hope this finds you all well, happy and healthy. My advice is this.. If there’s something you want to do, do it ! You really never know what might get in your way as your life rolls along.

I’ll leave you with a general depiction of how I feel about being ill so often.




A Calming Word For UK Voters

To my friends and fans in the UK. It’s been a rough night and a tougher morning. World markets are freaking out over your voting results. Well, keep the kettle on.. Serve up some Jaffa Cakes and remember to….

When Your Back Goes Out More Often Than You Do

My back went into nerve spasms on Monday and hasn’t gotten any better so I’m putting myself into bed for the rest of the day. Really hoping I have less pain tomorrow..

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