Happy Easter

No matter how you celebrate or enjoy today you can revel in the fact that it’s a great time for bunnies, chicks, eggs and art !
So, sit back with a bowl of foil covered, dark chocolate eggs and enjoy some of this great art from around the web. 

Easter Card Art #2

And why did the baby chicks cross the road ? To catch a ride, it seems. 

Now arriving by street car :

And motor car..

And zeppelin, of course !

The Art of Easter Cards

For your delight, I’m presenting old Easter Cards for you this holiday weekend.  These cards are a delight. Here’s a group showing people and their critters. 
Enjoy !

Slugs In The Garden

My Japanese garden is mulched with crushed oyster shell, you’d think snails and slugs would avoid the razor sharp grit but no ! 

You can paint copper rims on you’re flower pots or place a few beer slug traps around, which I call my Slugtober Fest stations, but here’s an even better thing to try.. Coffee !

FROM Garden.Org

While drought plagues some regions of the country, gardeners in other areas are dealing with excessive rainfall. All that moisture means a bumper crop of slugs devouring prized plants and turning the lawn into a slug-ridden mine field. If this sounds familiar, fire up the coffee maker and brew some high test. USDA researchers in Hilo, Hawaii, have found that caffeinated coffee kills or repels slugs and snails better than the commercial slug bait, metaldehyde. The higher the caffeine content, the better.

Even coffee grounds will repel slugs, but the liquid coffee appears to be more effective. It can be poured onto the soil as a protective barrier around plants. Unfortunately the coffee may harm beneficial insects as well, so keep it off the foliage where the good guys are likely to be feeding.

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