June 18th Medical Test

Dear Friends,

I have been dealing with a painful swallowing problem and must undergo an Endoscopy on June 18 here in Little Rock at 11:30 AM. As you can imagine, I am always very concerned for my vocal chords and, although I have done this test before without problems, somehow I feel something may be different this time. My father died at 62 of Esophageal cancer and my specialist assures me that it is a rare condition which affects only men. Still, having just turned 60 in January I can’t help thinking about what happened to my father and what might be going on with me.

So, if you will, send out some good vibes for me next Tuesday, ok ? I’m trying not to worry but I’m failing miserably at it. Knowing I have peeps who care and are sending good thoughts will help me relax.

I’ll check back in here when I’ve recovered from the test to let you all know what my docs figured out.

Maybe all those crayons I ate when I was a kid are coming back to haunt me.

Love to you all, Meg