Hoops and Yoyo on Thanksgiving Friday TV

Ok, I know we’re all getting ready for Turkey Day but Friday looks like a winner this year with the Hoops and Yoyo special on CBS @ 8pm Central. Come on, Peeps, you know Hoops and Yoyo are zippy fun. And, as it turns out, I’m going to need something funny to watch while I’m dealing with our Razorback football team sinking in the mire this year.
So, happy viewing one and all…Charlie Brown, Hoops and Yoyo and some leftovers will make Thanksgiving Friday a blast.
Now, it’s back to making my shopping list. I’m going to make a nice, rustic chicken-veg soup this week and I’ll be needing zucchini to go with my fresh Rosemary.
My favorite recipe book for this is ” The Soup Bible”, a Barnes & Noble book that is a big, colorful compendium of soup recipes from around the world.

Onward and upward,
🙂 Meg


Getting Ready for Turkey Day

Greetings, One and All !

I wanted to wish you all a happy holiday now before things get crazy. My health keeps me from cooking a big meal so we let the local Hilton do the work….they make a mean Mimosa.

Don’t wear yourselves out and remeber you really can say ” no” when you just have too many things to do.

Turkey ahoy!

Love to you all, Meg


Autumn is Here

My favourite time of year from September on. Although I have to do without the wonderful tree colours of the north there is still beauty to be found here in Arkansas around the cypress trees and migrating birds. I was ill 3 weeks leading into Hallowe’en from a spider bite…sheesh ! I love spiders and I didn’t even feel whatever got me but man-o-man did I feel poisoned. I got through it okay but did not get out to do anything Halloweeny. I swear, i would really like to be a guest at a con for Hallowe’en 2013, it’ll be my 60th year and I really want to celebrate (starting on my day, January 28th).

Making it to 60 has been no mean feat, I can tell you. And, if you like my music and song writing, I came really close to not doing music at all when I was young. I had been in ballet since a very early age and I won a scholarship to the New York Institute of Ballet to study under Rudolf Nureyev. BUT, at the age of 11, I had one summer to grow at least 1/2 inch…that’s all that stood between me and my ballet dream.
Needless to say, come September, all the stretching I did made me sore but no taller so I was suddenly out of ballet. I found a guitar and taught myself to play and that’s how things went from then on.

You just never know where the winds will take you, eh ?
Enjoy the Autumn breezes my friends,
😉 M