CDs not Available from Me

I can’t fill any CD orders for awhile but some dealers still have copies if you attend a con. Almost all of my music is available for download from all the major music servers. I get a lot of requests for music that didn’t make it onto my CDs, like “Lady Amber” and “Fields of Fire”. These tunes are saved but have yet to make it to digital. If you’re wanting a particular song please drop me a note here and I’ll keep you in line for those waiting for favorite songs.

Meanwhile, I’m helping my Mom, who has dementia, through early September. It’s very draining as many of you know. I’ve been lucky enough to be in A/C house so far but I’ll spend August at a lake house with no A/C. I don’t know how I’ll make it so I’ll just keep praying to the weather gods to bring cooler temps to us all.

Come on , Canada. Send us a breeze !
😉 Meg

I started an MS Drug

I have Primary Progressive MS which means there are no disease modifying meds for us. But, I have a super-fine MS specialist and we decided to experiment with Copaxone. If you have any friends using this put them in touch with me as it will be good for me to share experiences with other users. So far, it has had some affect but hard for me to pin down. My thinking is a bit less cloudy, I guess that’s what is making a difference. If it slows down my increasing disability we’ll be ecstatic.

Stay well and as cool as possible as we make our way towards September. I can already feel an Autumn breeze lurking around the corner.
And HEY ! I need Twitter friends ! Find me @MegDavisPrime

Thanks for checking in and be well,
😉 Meg

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